Ensure Supply

Success Is Getting Your Products to Market 100% of the Time

Any track and trace solution you choose must be an essential supply chain service. If it is not available all the time, your ability to sell product is at risk. 

To safeguard product movement, you need reliable data exchange with trade partners, uninterrupted compliance with all market requirements, and a track and trace solution that is available without fail.

A sound serialization strategy safeguards your business, ensures that you reliably ship product and data, and puts your business at a competitive advantage by building trust and maximizing efficiencies. 



TraceLink is An Essential Supply Chain Service

Any disruption or breach in your track and trace solution puts your product availability—and your business—at risk. Running on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud delivers:

  • A continuously available, fully redundant, active-active service with data automatically replicating across multiple data centers, resulting in zero recovery time or data loss.
  • An SLA of 99.95% up-time, with a performance record that consistently exceeds this rate.
  • Data and web traffic that is 100% encrypted—in transit and at rest.
  • Separate repositories for storing customer data, intact as received, and encrypted.
  • Third-party audits commissioned through RedSpin for all major releases.
  • More than 1,800 AWS security certifications—significantly outpacing what most in-house IT teams are resourced to deploy and maintain.


Compliance Coverage for More Countries

With live deployments in U.S., China, Brazil, South Korea, India, and EU, TraceLink is the only provider capable of ensuring product supply across the widest range of global markets.

  • Compliance modules available today for China, U.S., Brazil, EU, India, and South Korea.
  • China solution live in production with multiple customers since 2013.
  • More than 93.6 million DSCSA transaction histories processed—more than any other solution provider. 
  • 2015 GS1 Brazil Automation Award for our partnership with Roche in developing an ANVISA pilot solution to meet Brazil's RDC 54 track and trace regulations.
  • More than 1,400 compliance documents uploaded to KPIS (Korea Pharmaceutical Information Service) for 3.8 million units of product.

Timely Updates When Country Requirements Change

When new or updated versions of country requirements are published, TraceLink updates its compliance solutions to ensure you can continuously supply products to the markets you serve.

  • Our network-tenant platform ensures that you have access to up-to-date solutions that enable you to stay compliant with all regulatory deadlines.
  • Our team executes every IQ and OQ process to reduce the number of resources required when validating new software releases.
  • The TraceLink platform provides you with the peace of mind knowing that hundreds of your industry colleagues are constantly sharing their PQ test cases, resulting in the highest quality, commercially hardened code base.
  • Every TraceLink customer benefits from the investments we've made in building an automated testing framework, where thousands of automated tests are executed daily to ensure that our solutions continuously deliver the highest quality.