Life Sciences Cloud Overview

The Only Proven Track and Trace Network Live in Production

By 2019, 75% of the world’s prescription drugs will be covered by track and trace laws. To meet the requirements and minimize risk for your business and patients, you must address four critical success factors:

  • Network – Implement trade partner and government track and trace information exchange requirements rapidly and at the lowest cost. 
  • Scale – Integrate massive serialized information and transaction processing in the most cost- and time-efficient way.
  • Compliance – Ensure on-time access to all global markets by rapid adoption of emerging country requirements.
  • Ensure Supply – Lower the risks to global supply with a mission-critical, highly available supply chain service.

300+ Customers Exchanging Data With 240,000 Supply Chain Members

The Life Sciences Cloud is the largest globally networked track and trace pharmaceutical ecosystem. 

  • Customers and trading partners exchange large volumes of lot-level and serialized data between CMOs, pharmaceutical companies, distributors, hospitals, pharmacies, and governments.
  • Natively integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the platform leverages on-demand computing resources and database architectures custom designed to handle massive sets of serialization data in ways that traditional, on-premises systems cannot.
  • Customers have access to a broad set of tools and applications that protect product integrity, ensure global track and trace compliance, reduce operating costs, and ensure drug supply to all markets.

Critical Success Factors for Global Track and Trace

Customers and trading partners integrate once and then interoperate with anyone on the network with a point-and-click configuration, enabling rapid scalability.

  • Our network architecture utilizes modern technologies on Amazon Web Services, similar to the ones used by Facebook and Google to manage the scale demands of hundreds of millions to hundreds of billions of transactions daily.
  • We collaborate with experts to define and develop GMP processes, deploy and validate for installation and operational usage, and verify interoperability with customer and partner integrations in order to speed the delivery of country compliance solutions.
  • We provide global 24/7 support and services on a fully redundant platform with zero recovery time and data loss, based on active-active systems across multiple data centers to ensure supply.


Partnering for Success Throughout Your Compliance Journey


Our mission is to create, build, and strengthen partnerships through everything that we do.

Our Services team provides support throughout the customer life cycle:

  • Nearing 75 team members dedicated to customer success.
  • 500+ successful implementations.
  • 1,500+ training sessions delivered.
  • Support in 15 languages, from Portuguese to Punjabi.
  • 92% customer satisfaction rating.
  • Monthly workshops, meetings, & webinars through our Cloud Community.


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MIT on How TraceLink Reduces Track and Trace Complexity With the Cloud

Because new laws require a new level of collaboration, proprietary solutions developed by individual companies cannot achieve the common methodology necessary to work across the entire supply chain.

In addition, life sciences companies have highly diverse needs with unique business processes and requirements.

Hear Sanjay Sarma, Co-Founder and Research Director of the Auto-ID Labs at MIT, discuss how the TraceLink approach to track and trace challenges with the cloud is the best path forward for the life sciences industry.