Purpose-Built Network

The Only Global End-to-End Pharmaceutical Network for Track and Trace

In the near future, physical product moving through the supply chain must be accompanied by digital data that is routed to the right place at the right time.

Creating individual B2B connections for every supply partner is prohibitively expensive and labor-intensive—and once all the connections are established, maintaining each one adds greater complexity.

With the TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud, a simple point-and-click interface for configuration allows you to start securely exchanging data with other companies. Each company has a profile that defines the format of the data they want to receive, the format they send, and their B2B transport. All data translation and company-specific identifiers are centralized in TraceLink so each company does not have to manage them on their own.


Integrate Once, Interoperate with Everyone

No other solution can integrate with your partners and systems faster and more cost effectively. TraceLink provides:

  • Instant and unlimited connectivity to more than 240,000 trade partners with a single data connection to the TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud.
  • Streamlined data management through information exchanged in partners’ preferred file formats, sizes, naming conventions, and transmission orders.
  • Ongoing support for 1,000 partners trading electronic files (ASNs, sFTP), with 123 million files exchanged.
  • Out-of-the-box integrations with third-party systems—ERP, WMS, LMS, edge, and government ones—simplifying configuration down to loading the appropriate solution providers' maps.

Your Partners Are Already on the TraceLink Network

Life sciences companies typically find that 80-90% of their partners are already on the TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud. With just a single connection, you can instantly connect to most of your supply chain partners and begin securely exchanging compliance data.

Other track and trace providers need to configure individual B2B connections to each of your supply chain partners, adding significant time and costs, including hidden ones.

TraceLink will perform a free network analysis for you. Before you start to work with us, you'll know exactly how many of your partners are already on the TraceLink network. 

Get Your Free Network Analysis

Easily Handle Complex Transactions for Extremely High Volumes of Data

Serialization files routinely exceed 100 MB in size, with some as large as 250 MB. Compare this to a typical EDI ASN file that is about 4 KB. A system designed to handle these smaller transactions just can’t map and process larger volumes of data all at once.

But the challenge goes beyond large files. Two CMOs batching files may send data to you in different ways: one sending a single large file while the other sends thousands of smaller files. Plus, companies may choose to batch transactions and send them to you once a day, or once a week. 

With TraceLink, you don’t need to plan for any particular scenario because the TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud will handle any file transfer with the same speed and efficiency, regardless of file quantities or sizes.