Argentina's Track and Trace Regulations Overview

Similar to China, Argentina has serialization and reporting requirements and is not trying to create a trace history. Also like China, they have phased in new requirements based on product type. The similarities end there, though, as Argentina has adopted much more standard requirements.

Serialization and Reporting Highlights


Serialization: Manufacturers selling product in Argentina must serialize every salable unit in accordance with GS1 standards for both the serial number and bar code format.

Reporting: Argentina mandates that a large set of product events be captured and reported to the government.

How TraceLink Can Help

TraceLink's solutions support Argentina’s GS1 standard serialization requirements, and we are currently developing country compliance capabilities.                

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Argentina at a Glance

Government agency ANMAT
Regulatory scope Serialization; reporting
Product scope All pharmaceutical products
Participants Manufacturers, wholesale distributors, dispensers
Next deadline Awaiting deadline for all products to be phased in
Serial # format GS1 standard
Reporting flow Supply chain partners to manufacturer to ANVISA