Patients are global and the challenges of reaching them and protecting their medicines is growing.

New business growth is increasingly found in the emerging markets throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America. These "Pharmerging" markets are growing 3-5 times that of established markets. Supplying patients in these areas puts major new requirements on pharmaceutical companies and their supply partners to ensure market access and cost-effectively extend their supply capabilities. 

It is also critical to reach directly to the patient and provider population to ensure brand awareness and support regimen compliance. With counterfeiting levels reaching 10-30+% in these markets and supply chains that are often immature in development, providing safeguards directly to patients is also paramount. 

Build the bi-directional communication channel you need for your key markets.

TraceLink's global network platform coupled with mobile device support delivers an "always-on" communication service that patients and providers can leverage to protect safety and enable health.

  • Enable patient-level product verification using smartphone and SMS-based mobile devices to scan and verify serial numbers and other product identity features          
  • Create a personalized messaging platform to share product information and promote regimen compliance while protecting patient confidentiality                   
  • Gain visibility into product movements and market incidents by capturing and tracking global product verification activities          
  • Enhance brand trust by demonstrating safety and integrity protections to both patients and providers                           
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